Volunteer Climbs for Cause

On August 14th 2010 Christopher Kenessey climbed the tallest free standing mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, to support Dwankhozi Hope. Click here to view video of his journey and here’s what he wrote before he embarked:

Dear Friends & Family,

In less than a week, I will be departing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro the tallest free standing Mountain in Africa. The reason for committing to this task is twofold:

1. It’s on my bucket list and I’m eager to check off as many things as I can.
2. I want to build awareness on poverty in Africa

In the Summer of 2002 my wife Suzanna and I went on a trip to Africa. During my brief time there, I was amazed at the beauty, poverty, and potential that existed. I also thought to myself that if someone really wanted to make a difference, this is a place where a little could go a long way. The thought eventually fizzled away. As the years have flown by, one of my closest friends didn’t just have a passing thought, but instead answered the call to make this dream a reality. With the help of a few other good-natured individuals, they created something very special with Dwankhozi Hope.

What is Dwankhozi Hope?

Dwankhozi Hope is a charity that nurtures economically disadvantaged children by supporting a Community School in the state of Zambia. I would encourage you to visit their site to learn more; bottom line is that it’s an opportunity to provide up to 500 economically disadvantaged children, many of which are orphans, the chance to have an education and to chase their dreams.

Why do I personally support Dwankhozi Hope?

How many times do you make a donation and wonder what percentage is really going to end up where it’s supposed to? Will it really be spent to help a good cause or will it be spent on overhead.

That’s not the case with Dwankhozi Hope. 95% of all donations go directly to the Dwankhozi school and have so far made it possible to complete a school building, dig a new well for clean water, and purchase books, desks & other school supplies. And there is yet more that we can do to help these children, to strengthen their hope in a bright future through education; another building awaits completion, add’l supplies are needed, and teacher training & housing are crucial. How often can you say that you know exactly where and how much of your donation will actually go to affect change?

I’m asking that you consider making a donation to Dwankhozi Hope as part of my climb. Please donate whatever you feel comfortable, but please remember almost all of it goes directly to the school.


Christopher Kenessey

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