Day 2 – Lusaka and Licenses

Our second day in Lusaka began with Missy, Sandy and Beth heading to the Nursing Council to finish our interviews and receive our licenses. While we were out the rest of the team spent the morning putting the bags together for the kids – toothbrushes, pencils, stickers, erasers and a lollipop.

We picked up the school’s new solar lights provided by some generous donors out of Chi-town (thanks John V and crew!). Now the kids can complete their school work in the evening and the teachers can grade papers.

The afternoon was free so we walked a bit to the local mall – we were all amazed at how modern it was. JR commented, “we could be at Bellevue right now.” After lunch and a few errands we went back to the hotel.

We were graciously invited to Big Mama’s new home for dinner in the evening to enjoy a traditional Zambian meal. The evening was filled with wonderful conversation, lots of laughs, great food, a little dancing and a good discussion of what we might expect at the clinic. Big Mama (the eldest Masala) is a doctor who works for the Ministry of Health so her knowledge was invaluable!

The day also allowed us to meet all of our local partners in our Zambian DH board – Nchima, Bertha and our newest member Lusako.

More to come from Chipata – our next stop.


  1. becky kurtz says

    Hi JR This is your wife entering on Becky’s computer since she is already on the site. Can we skype or ichat?
    per Becky, my tech friend. I miss you. Following the blog daily. Hope all is well. Just FYI Becky arrived here two days after you left and it only took two days for her to turn into Miss Bossy and is reinventing the interior design of house, and it is looking great. I know you will love it! Ha. Julie, Lola, and Trippy spent the whole weekend here and Becky joined me on my first new volunteer position as server at the monthly steak dinner at the Senior Center in Carnation. It was kinda fun, especially with Becky with me. Julie Lola and Trippy showed up, too.
    Becky is going along with me to find porch decking material and tile in the kitchen. It might cost ya.
    I love and miss you and am thinking of all of you and hope all of you are well and happy!
    Love Chris

  2. Hi chris,all is well here,am staying healthy, saw about fifty kids today, one more day to go. Miss you, will have lots to show upon return. Love jr

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