Happy New Year!

Hi Friends,

Happy New Year!  We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support of Dwankhozi Hope (DH).   It has been a tremendous year of progress for our partnership with the local school in Zambia as we help empower this community to provide an education for their children and an opportunity for a better life.  Below is a quick recap of all that was accomplished in 2011 and a sneak peak of what is in store for 2012.

As you will see below, it has been a very busy and exciting year.  We thank God for all of our partners and donors who made this possible.  We look forward to the coming year and for the ways that each of us, our partners, and the children of Dwankhozi will be transformed through this work.

Have a Blessed and Happy New Year,

-The Dwankhozi Hope Team

2011 – Look Back


  • Completed Pre-K Building to help the younger children better prepare for school
  • Delivered supplies and equipment to the teachers helping them to provide a quality education to the students
  • Completed the first teacher’s house which will help attract more trained teachers and reducing class size
  • Held the first medical clinic at the school to evaluate the students and learn how we can help the children stay healthy and in school
  • In partnership with Beyond Solar, installed solar power and Internet giving the school electricity for the first time ever.  This allows the teachers to better prepare for school as well as develop an adult literacy program for the parents in the community
  • Delivered laptops and printers which will allow the teachers to develop more effective lesson plans
  • Sponsored our first DH student to continue her education at a secondary boarding school
  • Shipped educational supplies and sporting equipment to the school that will help improve the schools educational and sports programs


  • Thanks to our generous donors we raised an estimated $69,000 this year which was our most productive fundraising year to date
  • Thanks to our generous donors we were able to fund an estimated $55,000 in school programs our most productive year to date

2012 – What’s in Store


  • Complete a second teacher’s house project which will be a shared flat model providing housing for two families.  This will help attract even more trained teachers
  • Perform 2nd medical clinic with a focus on malaria which will address the main health issue in the region and help the children stay healthy and in school
  • Deliver electronic readers (Kindles) which will allow unlimited access to books and educational material for the students as books are currently sparse
  • Sponsor additional students to continue their education at a secondary boarding school
  • Sanitation projects adding additional safe and clean ventilated improved pit latrines
  • Additional solar and technology projects which will provide increased access to education for the community
  • Provide financial support for volunteer teachers to help them attain their teaching certificate which will in turn allow them to earn a salary from the government and focus full-time on teaching, thus improving the quality of education for the students
  • Deliver additional supplies and equipment to the school to help improve the quality of education


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