Video Premiers Online

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Video Screening Event. It was a full house, and to date we raised close to $3,000 and two more children are on their way to being sponsored with scholarships to Secondary School!
The 3 short videos we screened are now available online. We invite you to watch them and SHARE them.

· Kindle Project: This video shows the incredible impact from the introduction of Kindles.

· Sponsorship Program: This video shows students who want to move into secondary school(high school).

· Meet Martin: Experience a day in the life of Martin, an 11 year old boy facing the challenges of living in rural Zambia. An especially great one to share with kids!

See all videos here.

Again, many thanks for your continued support.  You have each had a hand in creating the space of Dwankhozi Community School and we are elated to be able to show you a direct glimpse into just what your participation means!


  1. Mark Russo says

    Wow! What amazing support DH has received from these videos! And to think we can continue to leverage them long term! Great job guys!!!

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