Celebration: Matt MacLean

We finally arrived in Chipata after a wonderful stay in Malawi with our new partners and friends.  We were anxious to get to the school to see everyone, celebrate together and share our news and progress with one another.

Village members performing traditional dance.

Our Zambian welcome was amazing – great food, warm greetings, lots of traditional dancing.  Each visit we are humbled by how warmly we are welcomed – we know one another; we are family now.

There were many government officials, chiefs’ representatives and headmen attending the celebration this visit.  Each one of us was given the opportunity to speak a bit about our experience thus far and our gratitude for being invited in this partnership.  We discussed many topics, both current initiatives and future endeavors.

The latest teachers’ housing is complete (a shared flat model to house 2 families) and we were able to present the keys to the Ministry of Education to allow them to find teachers to fill these homes.  The government is thrilled with the progress and is willing to partner with us to find teachers as we continue to build.  The Ministry of Education was also very interested in the Kindle Project – we were able to give them one of the pre-loaded Kindles from the school as a proto-type as they are interested in developing a digital library in surrounding areas.  One of their hopes is to digitize text books – so much to discover and develop!

Two of DH’s teachers – Ida & Moses Masala with big sister Bertha.

We also met with representatives of two chiefs in the surrounding area – this was a first to have both of them at this celebration.  We explained our vision of an agricultural project and the need for more land close to the school.  Both representatives were supportive of the idea and willing to portion some land!

It was a whirlwind of a day – there is so much to share it’s difficult to express in one blog post.  We have an extremely busy schedule for the duration of stay – let’s hope we are able to accomplish it all before we have to leave.

Tomorrow’s plans are for computer, kindle, printer and projector training by Brad, Mark & Bertha.  Moses & I will be installing a pilot reading room, as well as donation solar lights to surrounding villages.

A computer lab in the middle of rural Zambia!



Thank you all for the interest in this journey – it’s been an awesome ride thus far, with so much more to come!


Matt, Mark & Brad


  1. All of your news is crazy exciting! I have so many questions! How are the students doing??!! The teachers? The Masala family? It’s okay if you can’t answer…sounds like you’re KINDA BUSY. Love to you guys!

    • Janice, everyone is doing SO great! There are a few new teachers at the school that I don’t think you’ve met. Maybe on your next trip! 😉 The students are doing well – as always they take a minute to warm up and then they are all smiles and dancing! We brought some candy for them along with the school supplies. The Masalas – well what can I say. They continue to inspire and amaze us!

  2. Annelle Ballbach says

    I hope I get to learn more about this amazing Masala family. I am very excited to follow the agriculture\food project.

  3. Lynne Blessing says

    This is so encouraging and exciting!! I can’t wait to hear more….. Praying for God to guide each step!

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