Hood to Coast is Clear!

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers and support for our team during the Hood to Coast Relay Race this past weekend. As part of the 12-person relay team for the 200 mile run, our runners, Tom and Matt MacLean, ended up running 17 miles in 3 separate legs during a 25-hour period. The official finish time was 25:48:14, placing them 92nd overall out of 1068 teams. They were one of the 1st teams to start and held the lead for the first 26 legs (not in time but in position). They ended up being the 4th team to cross the finish line.

Thanks to your generous support, they were also able to raise $1,500 for Dwankhozi Hope. Again, thank you very much!

Click here to  check out Tom’s fundraising page.

Click here to check out Matt’s fundraising page.


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