Raise for Maize 2013!


It’s that time of year again…time for our weeklong Raise for Maize fundraising blitz this week! Follow the link here and continue reading to learn more about this exciting week!

Each year, the Dwankhozi community is hit by the annual “hunger season.” Stored food dwindles,  crops do not produce until the spring, and families are left to scrape by for this entire three-month long period.

For Dwankhozi Community School students (nearly all 600 of them), this means they likely get by on one meal a day. Asking someone to live day-to-day on just one meal is tough enough. But to ALSO  attend school and focus? That’s a challenge no one should have to face.

Enter Raise for Maize.

For the past two years, Dwankhozi Hope has come alongside the community during this difficult time and provided lunch for students at school during the hungry season. Parents at the school are willing and eager to cook the meals if the food can be supplied. And each year, we have said: Yes. It can be supplied. Will you partner with us to help reach this goal?

You can donate directly and track how goal’s progress here at this link. This is an easy way to see the tangible impact your gift can have on a community and a school.

To follow along on Facebook this week, where updates will be posted daily, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link. Help us Raise the Maize 2013!

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