Climbing for Dwankhozi…AGAIN!

Need some inspiration today?

Let us introduce you to Chris Kenessey. Chris is just days away from embarking on a climb to summit the tallest mountain in Europe, Mt. Elbrus. Not impressed yet? Mt. Elbrus towers 18,510 feet above the earth, which is over 4,000 feet higher than our own Mt. Rainier.

Still need some convincing? How about this: Chris is climbing to raise money for Dwankhozi Hope. This is the THIRD mountain he has climbed to support DH. His first two expeditions raised  $11,000 to help construct school buildings, and this latest fundraiser has already reached nearly $7,000!

Check out Chris’ crowdrise page here to learn more about his passion for the Dwankhozi Community, and if you’re as inspired as we are, help him get closer to his goal!

And watch his video below…we’re cheering you on Chris! Thanks for your incredible efforts to support the Dwankhozi community!

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