Dwankhozi Hope
Partnership & Justice

About Us

 We believe in creating meaningful partnerships rooted in justice, not charity. Our commitment is driven by mutual respect and understanding, and we strive to empower the community by addressing their needs as directed by them. This unique approach has allowed us to build lasting relationships and make a tangible impact, ensuring that 95% of the funds we raise are directly invested in Zambian programs, fostering education and development.


Meet our Board

To empower the children & families of Zambia through partnership in education & community development, recognizing our interconnectedness as we seek mutual transformation.

Mission & Background

To empower the children & families of Zambia through partnership in education & community development, recognizing our interconnectedness as we seek mutual transformation.

Recognizing that every child has a right to education, a motivated community in Zambia came together to start their own community school in 2003. Without skilled teachers, resources, or government support, they initially started classes with volunteer teachers and a few dozen students. Inspired by their dedication, a man named Charles Masala — a US based engineer who grew up in Zambia near this community — shared their story with his friends in Seattle. In 2006, that group of friends started the Dwankhozi Hope organization.

Since then, we have shared Charles’s desire to walk alongside this remarkable community in true partnership. Today there are over 600 students at Dwankhozi Community School serving grades pre-K through Grade 9. Our work has grown to address community health projects, sustainable economic projects, adult education – and recently the construction of a local high school for graduated students in the area.

Purpose & Objectives

Dwankhozi Hope is not about charity, it’s about justice. The community has the will. We don’t pretend to have all the answers. But together, we are working to bring quality education to a community who longs to provide their children the same opportunities we take for granted here.

Dwankhozi Hope provides financial support for programs including: education, community development, agriculture, and health/wellness related needs. But most importantly, we take direction from the community on what those needs are. And, because we want to be in relationship with the community, we make regular trips to the school. After 10 years in partnership – we know them, and they know us.

Dwankhozi Hope is a 100% volunteer organization. As a result, we are able to keep our overhead to a minimum. 95% of the money we raise goes directly towards programs in Zambia.

Listen then Act - Seek Justice - Support Education Build Friendships - Working Together

Our Founder

Charles Masala, the founder of Dwankhozi Hope, was more than just the leader of our organization; he was its heart and soul. Born and raised in a community similar to Dwankhozi in Zambia’s Eastern Province, Charles understood firsthand the transformative power of education.

A successful engineer by profession, he applied his skills globally but always held his homeland close to his heart. His vision was clear: to empower children through education, fostering opportunities for them to flourish and succeed. Charles believed in the principle of justice over charity, striving to create a world where every child had access to the same opportunities as those in more privileged nations.

His untimely passing in June 2019 was not just a loss to our organization but to everyone who shared his dream. Today, Dwankhozi Hope continues to embody Charles's spirit, driven by his unwavering commitment to education and community development. We honor his legacy by continuing the work he started, guided by his example of humility, compassion, and a deep belief in the potential of every child.


Our History

Dwankhozi Hope’s journey began in 2003 when a motivated community in Zambia came together to start their own school. With limited resources and without skilled teachers or government support, the community's determination led to the establishment of a humble learning space under a tree.

This initiative caught the attention of Charles Masala, a Zambian engineer based in the US, who shared the community's story with friends in Seattle. In 2006, this group of friends formed Dwankhozi Hope, marking the beginning of a partnership that would grow to have a profound impact. Over the years, we have worked hand-in-hand with the community to address various needs, ranging from education to health, sustainable economic projects, and adult education.

The organization's growth has been fueled by a shared desire to empower the community, recognizing the interconnectedness and potential for mutual transformation. Our commitment is to walk alongside the community, respecting their direction and needs, as we strive to bring sustainable change and opportunities to the children and families in Zambia.


The School

Dwankhozi School is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together with a shared vision for education. What started as a humble gathering of students under a tree, taught by two volunteer teachers, has evolved into a vibrant K-12 school, nurturing over 850 students each year.

Located in rural Zambia, the school has become a beacon of hope and a center for learning and community development. Students at Dwankhozi School receive a well-rounded education, preparing them for a bright future. The school not only provides essential academic knowledge but also focuses on developing the whole child, encompassing health, well-being, and life skills. The community’s access to a health clinic, clean water, and sanitation facilities are part of our holistic approach to education.

As we expand, our recent focus has been on constructing a local high school, enabling graduated students to continue their education within their community. This new addition will be a significant milestone, furthering our commitment to providing continuous, quality education and nurturing the next generation of leaders and change-makers.


Where is Dwankozi?

Dwankhozi is located in the Eastern Province of Zambia: the heart of our work, where we've helped transform a humble community initiative into a thriving K-12 school and beyond.