Toughed it out!

We did it!  Though 12.5 miles of mud, ice-cold water, electricity, and even fire,  we finished the Tough Mudder challenge to raise awareness for Dwankhozi Hope.    It was an amazing experience; one that tested us mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Thank you all so very much for your encouragement, prayers, and support.  It helped us persevere through this challenge and raise over $1,600 for Dwankhozi Hope.  I can’t tell you how much this means to me and all involved.

We are still striving to meet out fundraising goal so if you’re interested in helping us get there, click here to donate.

Below are pictures highlighting our experience.  You should get a kick out of many of them.  This was definitely NOT your normal race.  Every half mile there was an obstacle to overcome; some of which required us to dig deep to overcome our fears.  This included …

  • Jumping off of a 20 foot platform into cold water below
  • Worming through 2 foot wide trenches underground
  • Running through electrical wires carrying 10,000 volts of electricity
  • Swimming through 35 degree freezing cold water
  • Crawling through mud, under barbed wire
  • etc..

Alone, I’m not sure we would’ve accomplished what we did. Together, we worked as a team and buoyed each other through each challenge. This is what it was all about.  This is the essence of what we’re doing at Dwankhozi Hope!

Thank you all!

Brad MacLean

DH Medical Team in Zambia

On May 10, 2011 a group of 8 volunteers embarked on a journey to rural Zambia with the mission of providing medical care to the pupils of Dwankhozi Basic School. We want to chronicle our experience to share with those who have helped us alonng the way. We could not have accomplished this mission without the love and support of all those who have walked with us. We feel as though you all are joining us in our journey … [Read More]