Partner Schools


While our primary focus is on the Dwankhozi community, we recognize a great need that exists in the rural communities surrounding Dwankhozi. There are a number of other primary schools, similar to Dwankhozi Primary School, that serve children in the area and all of them operate with extremely limited resources. On our trips to Zambia, we have visited these schools and seen these needs firsthand. So we set aside a part of our budget each year to invest in these surrounding schools, and ask the Dwankhozi community for direction in distributing these funds. These have included the villages of Kaleza, Lukusuzi, Dwansenga and Visenge.

These partner school funds have been used primarily for infrastructure projects: building on-site teacher housing, completing roofs on school buildings, or establishing libraries.

Below are real, recent updates from our Zambian project manager, Moses Masala, explaining the impact of these projects:

At Kaleza, where support was used to complete teacher housing buildings so teachers could live near the school and teach: 

“The teachers and community are very grateful for the assistance from Dwankhozi Hope…now teachers can be accommodated at the school (in Zambia) unlike in the past when they were accommodated in Malawi!”

At Dwansenga, where funding was used to rebuild a block of classrooms:

“There is jubilation at Dwansenga School as the money was used to transform the old 1 x 2 classroom block into something new. (Actually, the old structure was demolished and a new one built)…The community is really excited about this development. If you come (visit), don’t be surprised if the Dwansenga community makes you a honorary resident!! In short, the community is saying a BIG THANK YOU for lifting the lives of their children!!”