Clean Water Project

Dwankhozi Hope is an organization set up to construct and support a community school in the Dwankhozi area of Zambia, Africa.  The school currently lacks the basic requirements for providing a quality education.  By August 31, 2009 the Project contractor should be selected and engaged to begin construction of the borehole and delivery of clean water to the Dwankhozi Community School

The cost of materials, contractor fees and miscellaneous expenses will be $6,600.  When the funds are available, the Dwankhozi Hope Zambian board members will hire a local contractor to drill the borehole. The progress will be directly overseen by the Dwankhozi Hope board members.  Photographs of progress and completion will be posted on the organization’s website and newsletter.  The project is tentatively scheduled to be completed by September 25th, 2009.  A complete accounting of the expenses will be submitted at the end of the project or end of the year, whichever comes first.