Teacher Housing Project

Currently, there is a lack of formal housing to support the eleven teachers at the school.  This lack of housing not only affects the current teachers at the school but also inhibits the community from attracting additional trained teachers to the school.  Since the school is in a rural area, 40 KM from the nearest town, many of the teachers that might be led to teach at DCS are not able because there is no lodging for their family.  Hence, the school has difficulty attracting additional trained teachers.

The purpose of providing funding for teacher’s housing is to support Dwankhonzi Community School by providing teachers and their families a place to live in order to do their best work.  This will help to improve the quality of teaching and learning at the school by attracting needed additional trained teachers and allowing existing teachers to focus their efforts.  Dwankhozi Hope is planning to support the construction of one building at this time.  As future funding dictates we will plan to build additional housing.  Each additional building will require its own separate proposal.