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Enjoy this collection of videos capturing the essence of our experiences with Dwankhozi Hope since it began. Use the arrows on the left and right hand side of video pane below to navigate through the different videos. In addition, below the gallery you will see a listing of videos that live elsewhere on the internet and on our website. ENJOY!

But wait! There’s more! Our videos are split between Vimeo and YouTube, and we don’t want you to miss the chance to watch them all. Follow the links below to check out the additional videos that are referenced throughout our website, but may not be represented in the gallery above:

The story of Dwankhozi Hope and our Secondary School project

Meet Martha: the story of a Dwankhozi girl

Dwankhozi week: the inaugural week at Queen Anne Elementary

QAE visits Dwankhozi pt. 2: Queen Anne Elementary makes a second trip to the community