Worldreader Partnership

Broadening Horizons


We are very excited to officially announce Dwankhozi Hope’s partnership with Worldreader!

Worldreader is a non-profit organization whose mission is to make digital books, written both in native languages and English, available to children in places where access to printed materials is extremely limited or cost prohibitive. Worldreader has a proven track record of partnering with governments, NGOs and organizations (such as Dwankhozi Hope), schools, e-reader manufacturers, and book publishers in order to transform the accessibility of reading and publishing in the developing world. As digital technology sharply lowers the cost and complexity of delivering books wherever they are needed, quite simply, the world will be reading more. And where there is greater literacy, we believe there is greater possibility for innovative, imaginative and highly enriching development and progress.

If this sounds familiar to you, that’s because it is exactly what DH has been endeavoring to do, on a much smaller scale, with our Kindle Program over the last year. As we transform and mature our Kindle program, by way of leveraging the expertise, resources and relationship of Worldreader, we will be able to dramatically increase availability and expand and improve our electronic libraries to all Dwankhozi Community School students. Worldreader has distributed nearly 200,000 e-books to over 1,200 children in sub-Saharan Africa. Worldreader currently operates in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda – and this new partnership with us means that they will soon be adding Zambia to that list, with a long-term goal of eventually increasing presence and resources to students across Zambia.

Moving forward, Dwankhozi Hope will maintain the lead on all ongoing fundraising needs for the program as well as taking responsibility for introducing Worldreader to Dwankhozi community. Worldreader will be taking on the role of providing the content for the e-readers and managing the full implementation of the program at DCS, beginning in June 2013. This includes sending a representative to Dwankhozi to undertake teacher and student training as well as appointing and training a local project manager for ongoing training, reporting, maintenance and continued development of the program. We believe this plan will ensure a sustainable, community-invested, long-term approach to improved literacy as DCS becomes the pioneering model school for all of Zambia.

We will be communicating more as this new relationship develops and our work continues toward giving DCS students the tools they need in order to dream their dreams ever deeper and wider and with ever more possibility of fruition. Be sure to stay tuned! In the meantime, learn more about Worldreader at

Latest Update 7/28/2013

In partnership with World Reader, and thanks to the amazing generosity of our donors, Dwankhozi Basic School received 50 Amazon Kindles, each pre-loaded with 100 books. World Reader staff joined us in Zambia, providing teacher and student instruction for these new resources. World Reader also trained a local project manager for ongoing training, reporting, maintenance and continued development of this program.

Here is a link to World Reader’s blog about this amazing initiative: