Tribute to Charles

Our founder and dear friend, Charles Masala, passed away in June 2019. We mourn his loss and the light and goodness he brought to this world. Charles embodied Dwankhozi Hope and has been the inspiration for our mission. He grew up in a community very similar to Dwankhozi in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Through education, he impacted change. As a successful engineer, he was involved in projects around the globe to transform the physical world through design. As an authentic human being, he built relationships across cultures and connected communities together. As an inspirational leader, he realized a dream that education could change lives and transform the world. As a strong man of faith, he followed his calling to act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with his God. Charles Masala made the world a better place. We at Dwankhozi Hope are committed to ensuring his legacy lives on.