DH Medical Clinic in Zambia

On May 10, 2011 a group of 8 volunteers embarked on a journey to rural Zambia with the mission of providing medical care to the pupils of Dwankhozi Basic School. We want to chronicle our experience to share with those who have helped us alonng the way. We could not have accomplished this mission without the love and support of all those who have walked with us. We feel as though you all are joining us in our journey.

Check out this video capturing their experiences:

Notes from the trip:

  • Upon first arriving, the team had a nice meal at Big Mamma’s house in Lusaka and met the Board Members of our sister DH organizationThe School put on a small celebration welcoming the team when they arrived on Sunday
  • The team worked extremely hard. They were up at 5:00-6:00 AM for the three days of the clinic and worked until 8:00 PM (This does not include the countless hours that went into preparing for this)
  • No one got sick and everyone remained in good spirits for most of the trip
  • There were struggles, as there always are, but the team persevered.
  • Everyone was tremendously moved by the experience


  • In 3 days gave a medical check-up and created medial files for close to 400 kids (Doctor from Hospital in Chipata was present for one day
  • Janice led health education classes for some 400 kids (focus on hygiene)
  • Check-up for all of the teachers
  • First aid training to all of the teachers
  • Left extra supplies for teachers and nearby clinic
  • Met with Ministry of Health and nearby clinic to get information on best way to support school moving forward

Medical Team:

Beth MacLean, RN – Beth has been a part of DH since it’s inception.  Beth made a trip to Zambia last year when the idea of a medical trip was born.  She is a registered nurse at Evergreen Orthopedic Surgery Center.

Missy Lein, RN – Missy joined DH 2 years ago to support the medical mission of our organization.  She too made the trip to Zambia last year and was instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition.  She is a registered nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Janice Hoshizaki – Janice has also been a part of Dwankhozi since it began.  She heads up the Education Committee of the organization and has worked on numerous projects such as education supplies and teachers’ scholarships for continued education.  She is making her first trip to DH to see what her years of commitment have produced!  Janice is a teacher from Vancouver, BC.

Sandy Rowe, RN – Sandy is making her first trip to Africa.  As a donor, she wanted to enrich her experience by using her talents in a tangible way.  She volunteered to make the trip to Zambia and tackle the job of procuring all of our supplies!  She is a registered nurse and manager at Evergreen Orthopedic Surgery Center.

Jerry Rowe – Jerry jumped at the opportunity to support his wife (Sandy) in this journey first hand.  He used his sales experience to work the supply chain for the trip.  He has spent countless hours organizing and managing the necessary equipement and supplies to make this mission possible.

Kate Ballbach – Kate has supported DH as a donor since it began through the connection with her sister Beth.  Being a busy stay at home mom to 3 boys with hectic schedules, the thought of making this trip seemed impossible.  But through the encouragement of her husband, who recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia, she is making the impossible a reality.  Kate left her career in corporate marketing a few years ago and will be using her talents to chronicle our journey together.

JR Robbins, MD – JR has spent his career in the medical field as an orthopedic surgeon.  He has a heart for children, and when he was approached with the idea to join this team he didn’t hesitate.  He will be heading up the medical portion of the exams for the children.

Mat Kummerfeldt, PA – Mat jumped at the chance to join the mission for several reasons. Helping and making a difference fulfill him and give his life meaning. He also loves to travel and experience other cultures. The fact his mom was born and raised in Zambia gives this trip special meaning for him, connecting with family roots. Mathew is a P.A. working in the Tacoma hospital system.

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