Day 6 – Second Day of Clinic

Beth & Moses headed out after breakfast to pick up a local doctor who would be accompanying us for the day. The intention was to return to pick up the team in one hour to drive to Chipata, but as we mentioned yesterday we hold our plans lightly and two hours later we were on our way.

Our time with the doctor was invaluable. During the drive we asked numerous questions to get a better understand of the general health and wellness of the Zambian people. It seemed overwhelming because the need is SO great and the resources are SO sparse. Even in town they did not have the necessary supplies to treat minor illness – no tongue blades, no otoscopes, little medication. By far the illness that is having the greatest impact on the population is malaria. Few have had no history of the disease and many have had it numerous times in one year.

The doctor also spoke at length about the need for solar polar. Currently Zambia uses hydro power for electricity, but it is failing them. They are sitting on a wealth of natural resources, yet are not capturing this potential. He explained that the future of their country lies in solar power.

After another late start at the clinic we managed to see over 100 children! This children were younger and had more health issues than the older children. Much of their conditions revolved around the issue of hygiene – another reason why we are so grateful for Janice and her classes on health and hygiene. We were able to treat a few with some basic wound care and referral to the clinic. A few children had symptomatic malaria – in fact one mother took her son to our clinic after leaving the local one just because she wanted to do anything possible for her child.

We took a break for lunch to enjoy the traditional Zambian cuisine that the local woman lovingly prepare for us each day. We are getting quite good at eating with our hands! We finished up with a few more students after lunch and concluded our day around 4:30.

The evening was spent printing student photos and putting all the medical records together over dinner – a working dinner to say the least. We can’t believe we’ve been here a week already. Tomorrow is the last day of our clinic and then we will begin some first aid classes and community meetings on Thursday.

More to come tomorrow! Blessings from Zambia!


  1. Katherine says

    Oh, wow, you guys!! SO much being done and discovered! (And OH, NO! Poor, poor little goat!) Thank you so much for being the hands, feet, eyes, ears and hearts for the rest of us sending our love and support in spirit!

  2. Nick and Mary Jo Hernandez says

    We can’t believe that they need so much for the children. Your team is a god sent to them. Our prayers go with you.

  3. Linda Cutshall says

    I am smiling at timing issues you’ve faced… in Kenya the famous line was “far but not too far….” which means anywhere from 3 – 5 hours over bumpy roads!

    My heart aches at the needs… sometimes the little we can do seems so inadequate… yet we are offer loaves and fishes that Jesus will multiply. So glad for the hygiene classes that can prevent disease!

    Prayer for a way to solar power!!!!


  4. becky kurtz says

    HiI am here on Beckys email we have been following you and your team. I am so proud of you and ur team and your progress

  5. Lyn and Joan Schubel says

    I hope and pray that all your hard work makes a life changing difference to these peoople in need! Good Luck team!

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