A Busy Day at the School

It was a busy day of classroom instruction for the computers, printer and projector.   We also upgraded our solar power to handle the power needs for the computer lab and delivered solar units to near by communities.  For this blog, I’m going to use photos and some rough cut videos to give you a clear picture of what we’ve been up to. Enjoy!


Brad giving a class to the teachers about the use of the computers, the printers and the new projector.

Delivering the early reader books donated from QAE School and the school supplies to the Headmaster.

Students writing letters to QAE school in Seattle.

Mark, Brad, and Matt reading about the Bears from the Internet on a projector at the school. A nice present for Mark on his birthday.

Delivering Solar lights and supplies to Lukusuzi School nearby – we also were able to deliver more lights to a second school in the area.

A student busy at work.


  1. Yaaaaaayyyyy!!! Learning with computers and hard-copy books (THANK YOU QUEEN ANNE ELEMENTARY)! Such MIND-BLOWING work, thank you, M, M, and B! (Really? Introducing the internet for the first time and you pick the Bears??!)

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