Dwankhozi Update…Tuesday 7/2

I have just a few lines for you today. We have all touched down in the Heathrow Airport, anxious to embark on our last leg back home. It’s 7:00am on Tuesday here, and let me be honest, we’re spent.

We’ve been away from any internet signal for a few days, but those days have been filled with celebration, debriefing, and gratefulness.

We had dinner last night together with Moses before saying our goodbyes and went around the table sharing our favorite and most rewarding moments of this trip. Connections with teachers, conversations with parents, moments with kids. There were SO many. You will be hearing them over the course of theses next weeks, be certain of that.

We touch down in Seattle around 4:30pm today, on British Airways flight 049. It will feel wonderful to have our bodies back home again, but we will no doubt notice the large pieces of us missing, ones we left with our friends in Zambia.

I jotted down a couple notes at our hotel while we were together last night, in case I had access to this blog. Alas, I didn’t, but they went like this:

“Our hearts are full. Our are minds dreaming. And our eyelids flickering. Goodnight for the last time, Africa. We promise we’ll be back.”


  1. Joan Bay Klope (Megan's mom :) says

    Thank you for your beautiful posts and photos. We have cheered and teared at every entry. Thank you, too, for including us in your adventure and we stand ready to support the team’s efforts in the future.

  2. Jerry Rowe says

    Nick you have done a great job with the blog. It’s like we were there with you. And it brings back all of the great memories of our time there.

  3. Your closing line Nick is so well said. I think it captures all of your trip and all our our hearts for Dwankhozi! Safe travels. Get some rest. And let’s talk soon!

  4. The Francisco Family says

    As we are sitting up here in a remote part of Alaska, it has been a complete pleasure to read this blog and Mr. Elliott’s posts. Thank you do much for helping us be connected to this adventure. Our hearts are full with joy for all if you! I can’t wait to talk to my QAE friends when we come home in September!

  5. Your blog has been a joy to follow!

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