Hood 2 Coast Relay…An Update!

As you may have read earlier, Matt MacLean, Marc MacLean, and Brett Ballbach recently embarked on the annual Hood 2 Coast relay race and turned their participation into a fundraiser for Dwankhozi Hope.

Their 12-person team completed the 200 mile race from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean in nearly 25 hours, 1.5 hours ahead of their projected time! Even better, they have raised over $2,800 for Dwankhozi Hope…70% of the way toward their goal of $4,000!

They are still determined to meet their fundraising goal, and you can still donate. Check out their online page at: https://www.crowdrise.com/runforhopeIII2013

They are incredibly thankful for all who have donated to their race, and we at Dwankhozi Hope are so grateful for their generosity and hard work. Those hours and miles of running will be directly responsible for supporting Dwankhozi Community School; and the education and health of our friends in Zambia.

Way to go Matt, Marc, Brett, and your whole team. You guys rock.

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