Meet the Teachers: Idah Masala

IdahpicIdah Masala (right) accepting her World Reader Certificate of Completion last summer.

Our ongoing “Meet the Teachers” segment continues this month, featuring Idah Masala, another of the ten Masala siblings who has been instrumental in the success of Dwankhozi Basic School.

Idah has taught at DBS for four years, currently serving as the school’s Deputy Headmaster. Originally on a career path towards Hotel Management, her focus shifted toward teaching when she saw most of her friends drop out of school at a young age. In her words, “I changed to being a teacher so that I could teach the young generation, especially in my home area. I believe when people are educated, they think better, eat better, dress better and everything is better.”

Lately, she has been encouraged by the enjoyment she sees in students while reading electronic books, the opportunities DH sponsorships offer students from poor families, and the beautiful homes built to house Dwankhozi teachers.

We are so thankful for Idah’s passion for education!

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