Back in civilization; ready to travel

For those of you who are sitting in Seattle, worried sick about lil’ old me due to my lack of posting, fear not! Your fearless narrator, and more importantly the rest of the group, is just fine. 🙂

We have arrived in our final Zambian resting place of Lusaka and are just hours away from beginning our journey back home.

As always, I will start with the good news (not that there is really any bad news in this scenario). All 16 of our bags have arrived and are in our possession. That is right, after all that, we finally have all the supplies that are soon to be on their way to Dwankhozi.

Since I don’t have a ton of time or really any pictures to throw your way, I will keep this update brief.

We had a wonderful time at the game reserve. The food was great, the service was top-notch, and other than the bats that swarmed inside of the ladies’ chalet, the lodging couldn’t have been better. We saw pretty much every important animal you could think of other than hyenas, so the actual safaris themselves were breathtaking.

After arriving in Lusaka, we got all of our luggage, got to the hotel and proceeded to transfer all of the supplies (some 10 bags worth) into trash bags that we could give to Bertha later today. We went to Mike’s Kitchen for dinner, which is an odd mix of the Cheesecake Factory (due to their tediously long menu), Chuck-e-Cheese (from the arcade and trampolines), and Red Robin (from overall feel). We watched Argentina win their quarter final game, and then headed back to Protea.

Today we slept in, ate breakfast at our whim, and are soon going to head to the local Sunday market to grab any souvenirs that we may want to bring home.

Really, this post was to let you know that 1) we are all still safe and sound and 2) that our bags arrived and the supplies are soon to be on their way to Dwankhozi. I apologize that the post is not much more exciting than that.

Please continue to stay tuned to the blog over the upcoming weeks. Once home, I will post a link to a gallery of some of my favorite photos from the trip, I will make a couple of different videos, and I am sure there will be more updates as well.

Thank you again for your continued support and wish us luck on our way home.




  1. Jill Daniels says


    It is great to see what you all are doing – thanks for the updates!

  2. Sandy and Jerry Rowe says

    What an absolutely productive and fulfilling trip all of you had! I cannot wait to hear more of the details. I wish you safe journey back to Seattle-Good job everyone! Sandy and Jerry

  3. Molly Meck says

    Thanks Ryan for the incredible job!

  4. This is great, Ryan! I can’t wait to see what journeys lie ahead of you guys! (By the way, this is actually Giovanna (a.k.a. Gigi) Varriano)

  5. Our prayers (from Phoenix AZ) have followed you throughout your journey. We are saddened to see you leave & so blessed to have heard some of your reality while there. May you have a safe trip home. Blessings –

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