Third Time’s the Charm!


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If you remember, a few weeks ago we shared about Chris Kenessey…avid mountain climber and Dwankhozi Hope supporter. Chris had a mission to climb Mt. Elbrus, the tallest mountain in Europe at 18,510 feet, and raise money for DH. Crazy, right?

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Well, do you want the good news or the great news first?

The good news: Chris successfully summitted!

The cherry on top: Chris raised over $11,000 for Dwankhozi Hope, just from this climb! With this being his third mountain climb fundraising expedition, he’s raised over $20,000 total for Dwankhozi!


So please join us in congratulating, celebrating, and thanking Chris Kenessey for his incredible climb and generous spirit!

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  1. Awesome . Way to go Chris!

  2. Chris you are absolutely amazing!!! Words aren’t enough – you rock! Abundant thanks for your generosity, courage and heart!

  3. Excellent!

  4. Great Pics CK. Applaud your effort for the cause

  5. High ride with a good soul. Congrats!

  6. This is very impressive – climbing and fund raising! Can’t wait to hear all about it soon…

  7. Congratulations Christopher! That you are willing to donate so much time, effort, and risk is incredible!!

  8. Awesome, brother! Keep up the great work!

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